Northern Beekeepers' Convention

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PHOTOS: A huge thanks to Chris Wren who has generously allowed us to use some of his honeybee images for our publicity this year. His nature and beekeeping photography is breathtaking and can be enjoyed by visiting his beautiful blog

CONTTRIBUTE: We are aiming to make the event a really participative one and have some ideas to get everyone involved on the day:
• We will have a "thrifty ideas" board. So have a think about any ideas you can bring along and put up on the board.
• If you have a beekeeping related topic you would like to share with others in a buzzcast at the convention please let us know.
• There will be a "bring and buy/Swap shop" so you can bring along your own "thrifty" items to share with others at the convention

FORGOT TO BOOK LUNCH? If you have bought a ticket without the lunch option and have changed your mind, we have added a new ticket option which will enable you to add lunch to your existing ticket. Just go into the eventbrite page and buy a "add lunch" ticket. Although it will be possible to add lunch on the day, it helps to know numbers a couple of weeks before.


KEEPING SUPPLIES: Our friends at the Travelling Bee Company ( will have a stall, where you will be able to buy wax foundation and frames, as well as some wooden hive bits.
• Pre assembled DN4 frames with foundation £32 for 10 (orders over £100 price is £30 for 10)
• 6 frame plywood nuc box £38
• 6 frame swarm/transport box £30 (£45 with frames with foundation)
It is possible to preorder for pick up at the event by emailing

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