Northern Beekeepers' Convention

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Saturday 23 March 2019
Newcastle College, NE4 7SA

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Northern Beekeepers' Conventions have been running for over 60 years, they are the main annual gathering for beekeepers across the North. The purpose of the event is to share knowledge, news and comaradery amongst the beekeeping community.  Our events are sociable and friendly and you can be assured of a warm welcome, whether a brand new beekeeper or seasoned apiary. 

We hope look forward to welcoming you to our next event


Our 2019 Speakers are:
  • Robyn Franklin - Thrifty Beginnings

  • John Chambers - The Healing Power of Honey

  • Graham Royale - A Heath Robinson Approach

  • Rinke Vinkenoog & Matt Pound - Foraging Behaviour

  • Tony Jefferson - Never Waste a Queen Cell

  • Alison Fisher - Creating a Wildflower Meadow

  • Dr Valierie Hawley - Closing Remarks

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