Northern Beekeepers' Convention

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Our 2018 convention is currently in the planning stage - information on speakers should be available here from November 2017 onwards

Our 2017 Speakers are:
  • Prof Jurgen Tautz

    One of the world’s leading bee scientists and winner of many awards for communicating with the public about his work. Jurgen developed HOBOS - Honeybee Online Studies - with live images from deep inside beehives.  He will talk to use about what we can learn from bees

  • Prof John Hobrough

    John will entertain us recounting memories covering 60 years of beekeeping in the region.  How was beekeeping different back in the days when the Northern Convention was first convened.  An eminent scientist and lifelong beekeeper, John argues that the knowledge of older beekeepers can provide useful empirical data which gives insight into the effect of climate change and agricultural practice on our bees.

  • Philip McCabe

    Philip is the current President of Apimondia, the world beekeeping body. His major concerns are stopping the global decline in our bee population, the overuse of chemicals and developing beekeeping enterprises to fight poverty in poor countries.

  • Prof Robert Paxton

    Robert is head of a group studying bee biology and their parasites at the University of Halle, in Germany. Using his latest ongoing research, he explores how much deformed wing virus is responsible for the increased demise of colonies over winter.

  • Dan Basterfield

    Dan runs a family commercial beekeeping business and teaches for the BBKA. Famed for knowing how to “read bees”, he explains how  better observation will help us to understand and predict what our colonies are going to do next

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