Northern Beekeepers' Convention

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Saturday 21 April

NEBEES 2018 on Biteable.

Performance Academy, Newcastle College
Rye Hill Campus, Scotswood Road, Newcastle, NE4 7SA

We are delighted to announce that registration is now open for our 61st Annual event.  This year we have a new venue to accommodate our growing size and another fantastic line up of speakers with strong local, national and international repute.

This year we are reducing our reliance on paper and are not issuing paper brochures for our convention.  We are advertising via local beekeeping associations and in the beekeeping press.  Application forms and brochures can also be viewed and downloaded from this website.  We would like to encourage you to register via email and pay by bank transfer if at all possible. Paper forms and cheques will still be accepted for those who prefer this option.

We look forward to welcoming you to our event this year, please see the brochure below for full details

2018 Programme



Our 2018 Speakers are:
  • Dr Flemming Vejsnas

    Biologist, lifelong beekeeper, employed as adviser for the Danish Beekeepers Associatoin since 1991. Main focus is how to support beekeepers in all aspects, but mainly bee diseases and varroa treatment. Member of the international beekeeping network COLOSS, having focus on the bee losses over the recent years. Over the years been traveling to all continents with honeybees to explore and learn about beekeeping of other countries. ​

  • Dr Kirsty Stainton (FERA)

    Dr Kirsty Stainton is the Senior Scientist in Bee Health at Fera. Kirsty has worked as an Insect Research Scientist since completing her Ph.D. in 2008 at Oxford University. Her background includes cellular and molecular biology, virology and novel techniques for insect control. Kirsty’s previous work includes creating transgenic technologies for SIT programs against agricultural pests. Kirsty’s current work involves research into antivirals against the bee viruses DWV and CBPV. ​

  • Phil James (Newcastle Urban Observatory)

    Phil James has worked at Newcastle University for over 20 years at the interface between engineering and computer science. His expertise is in data management and spatial analysis. He carries out research in diverse areas such as water quality, landslide risk assessment and shale gas extraction. He leads the multi-million pound Newcastle Urban Observatory programme and the UK’s national observatories programme. ​

  • Ian Jobson (Master Beekeeper)

    Ian Jobson is a local, recently qualified master beekeeper, who keeps bees in rural Northumberland. He will share his experiences of going through the BBKA module exam and practical assessment programme, during the past four years, focusing on some of the recent research and training that has fuelled his passion for beekeeping.​

How to register
For this year's brochure and registration form please click on the Current Convention link.

We are working to reduce our impact on the environment and would encourage you to register this year via email and bank transfer.  A postal address and phone number are included on the brochure for those who are not able to use email.

For queries on registration, or to add your email address to our mailing list, please contact Les Cain on 07760 440800 or

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