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Unfortunately, our two keynote speakers who were coming from California have been forced to cancel because of an accident. We are very glad that Dr Tim Lawrence is now recovering, but he and his partner Dr Susan Cobey haves passed on their regret at not being able to attend our Convention as arranged.
Additionally Helen Jackson has sadly had to withdraw from our event this year due to a family bereavement.

However,  we are delighted to have attracted two excellent speakers instead. We are very grateful to Prof. Stephen Martin from the University of Salford, and Dr Geri Wright, from Newcastle University for stepping into the breach at very short notice. They will be joined, as previously advertised, by Phiil McAnespie, President of the Scottish Beekeepers Association and Jane Moseley, General Secretary of the BBKA.

The convention will be held on Saturday 29th March 2014 at the Beacon, Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 9PQ and we really hope that you will join us for informative talks, stock up at numerous trade stands and take the opportunity to catch up with beekeeping friends
and acquaintances over drinks and snacks provided at the end of the day.

Confirmed Speakers for 2014:
  • Prof Stephen Martin

    Professor Martin has 30+ years studying social insects. Authored over 120 peer review publications including those in the top journals of Science and Nature. He spent seven years in Japan studying Asian hornets, followed by seven years working on
    Varroa with the National Bee Unit. In 2001 he moved to Sheffield University to continue my studies into social insects specifically their chemical recognition systems, and the role of DWV that eventually landed him  in Hawaii for three field
    seasons. In 2012 Stephen moved to Salford University to continue studies into the pest and pathogens of honeybees and chemical recognition systems of insects

  • Dr Geri Wright

    The main aim of Geri's research is to understand how the neural circuits involved in learning, memory, and decision-making function. She uses the honeybee as a model system. To achieve this, she combines behavioural, pharmacological, molecular and electrophysiological techniques to address the following questions:
    1. What are the neural mechanisms of food reward learning and conditioned food aversions?
    2. How does physiological state influence learning, memory, and cognition?
    3. How is sensory information about odours and tastes encoded?
    A primary goal of Dr Wrights laboratory is to understand how the honeybee's brain learns to associate floral scent with food quality during learning.
    Her laboratory also investigates bee nutrition. As part of the UK government's Insect Pollinators Initiative, they are identifying the nutritional optima of honeybee workers and larvae and measuring the nutritional quality of nectar and pollen from many species of plants in the UK.

  • Phil McAnespie

    President, Scottish Beekeepers’ Association. A beekeeper for 30 years, passionate about educating young people about the craft, and understanding and controlling swarms.

  • Helen Jackson

    founder and coordinator of Bees for Development, using honeybees for economic development in the 3rd world.

  • Jane Moseley

    BBKA Operations Director and General Secretary outlines the benefits of the organisation, its initiatives and future plans.

The annual gathering of Northern Beekeepers
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